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Design That Turn Browsers
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Every eCommerce website offers different sorts of products and hence each needs a different development technique. Our eCommerce service providers analyze your products, your competitors, and the target audience to design the best possible structure for your website.

Your eCommerce website will be the base of your online business. So, it must be perfect in every sense. Our eCommerce design services make sure that it is. We not only design the website to be liked by customers but also think like customers on ways it can be improved.

The eCommerce website must be well structured and easy to use. The searches on it must yield relevant results. The features on the website must make it easier for the customer to browse through and make him want to come again. Our eCommerce consulting services ensure that these features are integrated into your website. We root out all the problems and make your website as user-friendly as possible.

— Flexible Designs for

Long-Term Success

Our specialists have both expertise and experience in eCommerce services. Your eCommerce website will be designed in such a way that customers will find it easy and convenient to surf through it. Moreover, we also look to increase your popularity and promote your brand. To tell the customers who you are and what you could offer them.

In this way, our eCommerce service providers will also add relevant selections that can increase the number of items in your customer’s cart. Moreover, we also analyze the purchase from the angle of the customer. That means we think like a customer to find where they found about your website, how they came upon it, and what caused them to buy your product.

This gives us insight into the target audience’s interests and preferences. Hence, we are able to analyze them and optimize your eCommerce website for a better user experience (UX). Adding to this, we also look for ways to grow and expand your eCommerce business. Our specialists devise strategies for you, things you can add to your website to increase traffic.

These improvements and optimizations provided by our eCommerce web design services increase your sales and profits while keeping your expenditure under a budget.

Platform We Work On

eCommerce Web Design & Development Services

Our eCommerce services have got you covered from every angle. We start with designing a proper structure for your website, that is both appealing to the eye and user-friendly. Moreover, we also work to integrate plugins and configure your website to make it convenient for customers to use it, as much as possible. Our professional eCommerce services also include search engine optimizations and marketing campaigns. They boost the popularity of your website and increase your website’s ranking on SERPs. Adding to this, we also provide you with regular performance reports so that you can keep track of our progress.

Plugin Integration & Configuration

Conversion Rate Optimization


Performance Monitoring

What Makes Us Different


User Experience

Our specialists have figured out that web design alone can’t help your business growth. The key to the growth of your business and its popularity is user experience. Hence, our experts at XIHAWKS ensure that customers on your website have the best experience that is optimized to their interests. Quality user experience speaks for itself and is the best advertisement.


Responsive Website Solutions

One of the major problems that many eCommerce websites face today is compatibility with screens. Without proper eCommerce website services, your website won’t be able to adjust itself with smaller or larger screens. Our eCommerce service providers ensure that your website fits all screen sizes and users have the best experience on both smartphone and laptop screens. 

Content marketing specialists​

Blazing Speed

Our experts have developed techniques that can reduce the burden on your website with lighter alternatives. Usually, eCommerce websites have a lot of heavy content that makes them slower. Hence, customers have to wait as much as a minute for the website to load even with a fast internet connection. 


Maintenance & Support

We provide regular and effective maintenance and support. We believe no matter how much you improve, there is always room for more improvement. Our eCommerce team is always available for your assistance if you counter any issue. Moreover, we are also here to keep optimizing and improving your eCommerce website.

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Call us at +1 (212) 678 2100 or email us at [email protected] to get a free quote on our eCommerce services. Success is our guarantee.

We’ll thoroughly explain the project and make sure that it yields result within the given time. So, feel free to contact us anytime of the day and we’d get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are eCommerce services worth it?

Yes, they are worth it. These services increase traffic on your website and convert them to sales. They enhance the user experience on your website by making it more convenient for customers. Hence, both your popularity and profits go up.

2. Is SEO included in eCommerce services?

Yes, SEO is included in professional eCommerce services provided by XIHAWKS. Hence, not only we will improve your website’s structure and design but also increase your eCommerce website’s ranking in search engine result pages.

3. How eCommerce services benefit an eCommerce website?

First of all, these services design a convenient and user-friendly structure for your eCommerce website. Then, they optimize the content to make the website load faster. These services also provide screen adjustments that enable your website to be used on all screen sizes.

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