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Optimize the ON-PAGE SEO of Your Website for Instant Ranking Boost


Want your website to rank on Google’s Top Page? Look no further as XIHAWKS have got your back.

To simply put, our services now cover On-Page optimization as well.

Hence, making it easier for Google to find your website and rank it.

Our professional experts at XIHAWKS have offered on page SEO services for hundreds of websites. So far, the websites have yielded great results.

All in all, here at XIHAWKS, we will ensure optimizing your website’s visuals while keeping all Google Algorithms in mind.

The result? Better User Interface and a Boost in Rankings for sure.

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Why On-Page SEO is

First of all, you must understand that your website needs to be crawled by Google to improve its rankings.

Now, how would Google understand it if its content, images, headings, keywords, and paragraphs aren’t properly optimized?

That’s one of the reasons many websites don’t appear in the Google search.

On-Page SEO is also important in a sense that it helps Google understand your content conveniently. Moreover, the latest algorithm updates from Google have focused more on relevancy and semantics to rank a specific website.

Mind you that Google has now updated its core algorithms with AI bots, which keep two things in mind while crawling:

Whether the content is relevant to what user has typed or not?

Whether the content fulfills the user’s demands or not?

Keeping this importance in mind, you are losing potential users and customers if you are not focusing on On-Page optimization of your website.

In a nutshell, when Google won’t find you, you won’t appear in search results. Hence, your online business will not flourish.

On-Page Process

XIHAWKS uses a unique approach to implement the latest On-Page optimization techniques on a website. It all starts with a complete Website Audit. Auditing helps us to reach the core problems within a short time. 

Secondly, our professionals analyze the content’s engagement and see whether it’s providing quality or not. Paragraphs, headings, and images (if not present) are made to ensure a better user experience. Moreover, we also thoroughly analyze the On-Page practices of your competitors and implement better strategies than them.

With this optimization, we excel in providing quality content with better presentation. Hence, Google starts acknowledging the efforts and helps you rank at the top. 


Research and Resolution

Success in organic search is dependent on search engines finding, reading and evaluating website content. If that content is hindered in any way, organic performance can be impacted significantly.


Obstacle Detailing

Once the obstacles are uncovered, Victorious outlines the obstacles and provides customized recommendations for addressing the obstacles based on the information we know about your site, CMS and server.



Victorious then prioritizes the order in which each should be addressed by providing the impact level each obstacle has on organic performance and the level of effort we estimate each will require within our On Page SEO services.

What Makes Us Unique?

We Understand Google’s Best Practices

We are always one step ahead of Google, and, therefore, we deliver better and affordable on page SEO services for small business.

Experimenting with different Google’s algorithms has enabled us to implement our long-term strategies on your website.

We Handle All Aspects of SEO

On-Page SEO is just the tip of the iceberg. We handle all other aspects of Search Engine Optimization to ensure stability in rankings.

Therefore, you can trust us, as we know our way around on how to play with Google.

We Have Revenue-Driving SEO Experience

Finally, we are not kidding around. XIHAWKS has satisfied 99% of its clients and has increased the revenue of their websites as well.

SEO Experienced experts with practical knowledge of how it works will make sure that you don’t get disappointed.

Our On-Pages Services

Coming right to the point, we have expertise in improving your website’s performance in the eyes of Google. The affordable On-Page SEO services we provide consist of thorough website auditing, analytics auditing, Meta and Schema, and Internal Linking Optimization. Adding to that, our low cost On Page SEO services also include proper Keyword Research and a roadmap construction for a specific post.

Not only that, but we closely analyze the Keyword Prominence and make sure that it gets stuck in the eyes of Google. To improve User Interface and User Experience, we make changes to the layout to ensure user engagement. Plus, URL structure — a key factor in On-Page SEO is also optimized. We optimize it in such a way that it is easier to remember and concise enough.

Professionals at XIHAWKS also optimize the images and place them in suitable positions to gain the audience’s attention. Besides, we also offer good content optimization services. We will properly analyze the content, and if it’s not meeting our criteria, we’ll change it accordingly. The story doesn’t end here.

Our SEO experts also offer to improve the Landing Page experience to convert users into customers easily. All these low cost SEO optimization services, along with Site Speed Improvement, will make your website more presentable in the eyes of Google.


On-Page Website Auditing


Web Analytics Auditing

Schema Markup Services

Meta and Schema Tag Optimization


Internal Linking Optimization

Keyword Research & Mapping​

Keyword Research & Mapping

Keyword Prominence​

Keyword Prominence

UI/UX Redesign Suggestions​

UI/UX Redesign Suggestions

URL Structure Optimization​

URL Structure Optimization

Header Tags Optimization​

Header Tags Optimization

Image & Media Optimization​

Image & Media Optimization

quality content writing services

Content Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization​

Conversion Rate Optimization

Landing-Page Optimization ​

Landing Page Optimization

Local Citation Services

Sitemaps Optimization

Site Speed Optimization​

Site Speed Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

What does On-Page SEO Include?

On-Page SEO is all about the way your website presents itself to Google and users. It includes the layout, content distribution, headings, enhanced images, proper meta description, site speed improvement, and focus on UI and UX. Apart from these, On-Page SEO also includes optimizing your post’s title and its URL structure.

What could I expect from XIHAWKS On-Page SEO optimization services?

XIHAWKS assures you that it will make your website as presentable as possible. We share a history of enhancing our clients’ websites through our On-Page optimization techniques. With technical and practice experience, we intend to improve and boost your website’s rankings within a short time.

Is On-Page SEO a ranking factor in the eyes of Google?

Obviously, it is a ranking factor. On-Page SEO has a 40% impact on the rankings of your website. Without proper On-Page optimization, you could not survive in the online industry. As much as off-page optimization is important, it would be best not to underestimate the power of On-page optimization. It’s indeed a ranking factor, and that’s why we keep it in high regard.

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