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Experience Real Growth from Facebook Advertising.

Facebook has become one of the major platforms for advertising and marketing your business. Facebook Marketing Services provided by experts can boost your business to the next level. XIHAWKS uses the best Facebook marketing strategy to boost your business on social media. Our Facebook marketing services will help in developing, maintaining, and improving your current business strategies. A better strategy will attract more people to your business. Your sales will be skyrocketing in no time.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms today. Almost everyone you meet is on Facebook. Many Facebook users spent hours each day just scrolling through its feed. Hence, Facebook has become a need of every business. Through Facebook, businesses can boost their sales by attracting more customers to their products.

Advertising on Facebook attracts and appeals to more people. Marketing through Facebook brings convenience to people, as their desired product is delivered to them. Businessmen are busy managing their business and don’t have much time for social media advertising. Hence, XIHAWKS provides effective Facebook advertising services.

We help in organizing and maintaining your Facebook advertising and marketing platform which brings more customers to you. Moreover, people who have a small business can avail themselves of our small business Facebook marketing services to boost sales in their area and expand their business.

In today’s competitive world, every business is thriving to be the best. We, at XIHAWKS, analyze the demand and preference of people on Facebook to devise advertising and marketing strategies. Rest assured, by availing of our marketing services on Facebook, your business will be booming in no time.

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Facebook Management


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Our Facebook management helps in the maintenance of your business marketing and advertisement on Facebook. Even if you don’t have an account yet, we can do it all for you. We can create an account or a webpage for you, whichever suits your needs.

If you are not sure about Facebook marketing or have any questions regarding our Facebook advertisement services, you can reach out to us anytime. After we have developed your Facebook page, we will manage it regularly to keep customers coming your way.

Our Facebook marketing services will promote your content and keep it fresh so that people see it every day. We will analyze the public opinion of an area and create interactive and creative content that will attract more customers. We will optimize our Facebook advertising services regularly and improve our content in order to beat the competitors.

In addition to this, we will also make sure that your business remains online and develop an effective user interaction. As more people will reach out, potential leads will be generated for you.

We will also boost your business’s popularity with our Facebook messenger marketing services and Facebook group marketing services. At XIHAWKS, we use innovative and interactive advertising techniques that attract people and creates a demand for your product.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us for a free quote on our services. 

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Using marketing services on Facebook can help you avail yourself many benefits. Some of the most important ones are described below:



Facebook is the largest social media platform and has billions of users. Hence, for businessmen, this platform is an opportunity to expand their business. Every business strives to expand, and Facebook is the perfect platform to do that. Facebook increases your reach to billions of people. Hence, you will have much more sales if you avail of Facebook marketing services.


Lead Generation

The main purpose of Facebook advertising is to increase online traffic on your website or Facebook page. As more people visit your website, you will have more customers. All of the viewers will not buy your content, but will surely provide a wider reach. This will provide effective lead generation. With our Facebook advertising services, these leads can be converted into sales. Hence, your business will be reaping profits. 


Communicate with

Facebook also provides a platform for user interaction. Hence, companies can communicate with their customers. Our Facebook marketing services will help you in managing customer response. As you resolve queries of more users, more leads will convert into sales. User Interactions build trust between client and customer and Facebook provides the perfect platform for that.

Facebook Marketing Process

We, at XIHAWKS, use an effective strategy to advertise your content on Facebook. Our main purpose is to attract more people to your Facebook page and then capturing their interest with creative advertising. Our services increase the reach of your business to more people which increases both sales and popularity of your business.

We have divided our Facebook marketing process into five steps for your better understanding. Our steps help you understand that how we help you in Facebook marketing management to boost your business and how our services are beneficial to you.

Here is our step-by-step Facebook marketing process.


Facebook Strategy Development

The very first step will be analysis and strategy development. Our experts at XIHAWKS will analyze your business to devise the best way to utilize our Facebook marketing services. For analysis, we will collect data. This data collection will be done through questionnaires, on-call interviews, and our research. After the experts at XIHAWKS have analyzed that data, we will devise a plan for the effective management of your Facebook marketing page. This strategy will describe our techniques and methods that we will use to attract customers to your page.


Facebook Content Creation

After a mutually approved strategy is devised, we will move to the content creation stage. In this stage, we will use creative and innovative methods to develop advertisement content. The content created will attract customers to your services and products. With our Facebook group marketing services, your product will become popular. So, more people will demand your product. All the content will be posted after mutual approval. XIHAWKS ensures both customers as well as client satisfaction.


Facebook Page Growth

Once content on your Facebook page is updated, we will move toward customer engagement. Our Facebook PPC marketing services will increase traffic to your page. We will also increase the number of followers on your page. Our experts will use the best advertisement services to increase the reach and popularity of your content. Since most advertising on Facebook is paid, we will also find the cost-effective advertisement means. This will boost your profits in no time.


Facebook Monitoring

Our Facebook marketing for merchant services also involve regular monitoring of your page. This helps in establishing better customer-client interaction. In this stage, we analyze and respond to queries, comments, and reviews. This helps in improving your services and building a bond of trust with your customers. Satisfied customers will bring more customers to your business. Daily monitoring keeps the content and services fresh and updated.


Facebook Reporting

We also give our clients access to our reporting AI software. This will help you in keeping track of your Facebook marketing process. Also, our management team will send you monthly reports. These reports will contain details of all the activities during the month. Hence, you will be able to see the rapid progress you have made by using our Facebook marketing strategy.

Our Facebook Marketing Services

Our small business Facebook marketing services include a variety of services that can boost your business and increase its popularity. Advertising is the core of our services. These services include Ad Design and Ad Copywriting. Hence, we help you in advertising your content effectively while also helping it reach more people.

We also use Ad Audience Targeting as a method to increase your sales. Through this service, we generate effective leads and convert more leads into sales. A/B Testing and Analytics and Optimization are both used as research methods to find the best ways for Facebook marketing.

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Ad Audience Targeting

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Analytics and Optimization

Why Choose Us?

Better Content

The expert staff at XIHAWKS creates creative and engaging content which attracts more customers to your product. Enriched and effective content can motivate people to purchase your product. Hence, our staff always provides you with the best content. Moreover, our Facebook marketing for event services also provide perfect Facebook marketing management that also boosts your business.


Effective Facebook marketing management makes you reliable for your customers. We provide interesting content and always keep your page online. We will update your content regularly to keep it fresh. We will also provide better user interaction that will increase customer’s trust in you. At XIHAWKS, we ensure that customer knows your business is reliable. Hence, more viewers will be converted into potential leads.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Our Facebook marketing management team is always active to satisfy the queries of your customers. More satisfied customers will increase the popularity of your product. Our staff will ensure the best customer interaction. Moreover, if people have all their concerns and queries answered, they are more likely to buy your products and services. At XIHAWKS, we ensure the best possible customer satisfaction.

Share Your Project With Us

You can reach out to us anytime for queries or a free quote. You can Call Us at +1 (212) 678 2100. You can also reach us through email at [email protected].

With help of our services and management, your business will expand beyond limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you market a Facebook service?

Facebook marketing is done through ads and customer interaction. The Facebook marketing service provider will advertise your content and also manage customer interaction to boost your business.

How much does Facebook marketing cost?

There are different prices for a different forms of marketing. If you are marketing a particular product, you have to pay for clicks and impressions. A single click costs about 0.97 dollars. However, app advertising is paid on basis of likes and downloads. According to WebFx, one like costs you about 1 dollar while one download costs 5.47 dollars on average.

Are Facebook ads worth it?

Facebook ads increase traffic on your page. If you have engaging content to hook your customers, these ads can expand your business beyond its limits. You will have much more customers with help of Facebook ads.

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