Technical Optimization Services

The Main Goal of Technical SEO Is to Optimize the Infrastructure of a Website.


technical seo services

Technical SEO optimization improves your ranking and works according to modern search engine guidelines. Hence, if you are looking for a ranking boost, XIHAWKS has got you covered.

XIHAWKS will provide you with a technical SEO website audit that will help you understand where you need improvements. Google and other online search engines have updated their algorithms for crawling and indexing websites.

Our technical SEO services ensure your website’s compatibility with search engine rules. This helps your website getting ranked higher in search results. The modern algorithms take into account how easy it is for crawlers to find your website and understand its content.

Poor structure of the website, slow loading, and other such factors can cause your website to rank low in searches. Our experts optimize these backends and ensure that your website has ease of use. This ensures your higher ranking in the search result and hence more traffic. 

Why Technical SEO is

For your website to rank higher in search results, it must follow search engine guidelines. We, at XIHAWKS, ensure that your website is compatible with these guidelines.

With the advancement in technology and almost half of the world using smartphones, search engines had to update and modernize their algorithms. These modern algorithms take new factors into account which then rank the website in search results. These factors include ease of use, speed of content load, the structure of the webpage, etc.

The easier it is for crawlers to identify, index, and understand your website content, the higher your website will rank. Our technical SEO specialists optimize these factors and ensure the compatibility of search engines’ guidelines.

These optimizations have become the need of every website. If you are a website owner, you will always be looking for more traffic. Slow sire loading, lots of redirecting links, and a heavy but poor structure can result in a rapid drop in traffic according to new algorithms.

Our Technical SEO agency can ensure more traffic for you. We have a skilled staff at XIHAWKS who already have successfully facilitated hundreds of websites.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us any time for a free quote.

technical seo agency

Our Technical SEO Process

We follow a simple but effective process in our process. The very first step is a technical SEO audit. The audit helps us identify where the website needs improvement. Our technical SEO experts find and identify these problems to solve them. After the problems have been recognized, our specialists fix them by optimizing your website, making it easier to access and more reliable. Moreover, we also analyze the competitive websites to devise a better strategy than them. Last but not least, we provide you with regular reports that can help you keep track of the progress.


Website Audit

Finding Errors

Fixing Errors



What Makes Us Unique?

In-depth Website Audits

There are a lot of factors that affect your website’s ranking in search results. You might be worried to see a drop in your web traffic. Our technical SEO audit fixes are much more detailed that allows us a better understanding of the problems. The audit is done based on information provided by the company and also on independent research. Hence, our specialists can find, identify and solve the problems that cause a drop in your web traffic.

Technical SEO Specialists

Our technical SEO staff at XIHAWKS is both experienced and skilled. They have already helped hundreds of other websites in getting a better ranking in search results. These specialists have expertise in Google and other search engine algorithms which allows them to identify and solve technical SEO problems effectively. Their up-to-date knowledge also allows them to deal with technical SEO issues much more efficiently and produce satisfactory results.

Analytics and Reporting

Our team provides you regular updates and reports on your technical SEO optimization and its results. This allows you to keep track of your progress while also keeping you aware of all your current problems. Moreover, these reports show you that how our services have improved your website’s ranking. We also provide you with recommendations that can further improve your website’s ranking.

Technical SEO Services

Our optimization services cover everything needed for a strong technical SEO. From audit to problem-solving, we cover it all. In the audit, we analyze your website to find and identify the technical SEO problems that are hindering your rankings.

Adding to this, our staff is also skilled in providing speed and image optimizations that will increase your website’s ranking. Moreover, our services also cover other aspects like competitor and backlink analysis that can help you in improving your website. 

Technical Site Audits

Penalty Recovery


Website Migration


Speed Optimization

Schema Markup Services

Structured Data Markup


Image & Media Optimization​



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is technical SEO important?

Technical SEO Optimizations allow the search engines like Google to know that your website has high value. It makes the website easy to find and index by the crawlers. Hence, your website will appear higher in the search results and you will have more traffic.

2. What is a technical SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit helps in identifying the problems which are causing the drop in your website traffic. The identification of these problems helps you in planning for a solution. We provide in-depth website audits to effectively deal with these problems.

3. What is a Web Crawler?

A web crawler is like a bot for search engines. These bots are responsible for finding and indexing websites. If a website is heavy and content is not understandable to crawler, your website will rank lower in search results. This can be improved with SEO optimization.

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XIHAWKS uses advanced technical SEO techniques to solve your website’s problems and improve its ranking. You can reach out to us anytime if you have any queries. Contact us at +1 (212) 678 2100 or email us at [email protected].

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