eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is all about ensuring your product pages appear among those ten organic search results.

Does eCommerce Really
Need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in creating a strong online presence of any business. The importance of ecommerce SEO best practices shouldn’t be underestimated. SEO for ecommerce websites is something where many online stores are failing miserably, unable to fully exploit the power of organic marketing.

To paint a picture, 51% of all global ecommerce web traffic comes from search engines and  70-80% of online shoppers ignore paid ads in search results. Therefore, in order to be seen by potential prospects, you must optimize your ecommerce website with the best SEO strategies and rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

To give you a head start, I’ve curated a list of best ecommerce SEO strategies that will allow you to scale your online business significantly and generate higher profits in the long-haul.

Strategy for a Successful eCommerce Store

The only thing that defines how guaranteed SEO services is, it is the process and practical approach to search engine optimization. Such a system helps in designing the solution that customer seeks for their website. Thus, the best Professional SEO services provider will do in-depth research and analysis that requires you to devise a strategy that uses the least resources and give you the maximum result and benefits. The best SEO services company will never compromise on planning strategy first.


We have in-house SEO analysis experts who will strategize the best approach for you and your company after analyzing the business from every angle. The analysis may include all the services from niche positioning to target marketing and, most importantly, the competitor analysis. Indeed, all these Best SEO services are available at affordable prices. Indeed, we provide cheap SEO services for businesses and ensure the best possible ROI in your SEO campaigns too.

Targeted Keyword Research

We strategically integrate highly relevant and localized keywords throughout your site to convey to search engines its core function. The more specific the keyword, the more likely it is to convert a search into a sale. Our utilization of keywords not only makes search engines trust your website, it helps it to begin ranking higher.

Blog Content

Blog content is a great way to generate internal links throughout your site, and it allows you to convey informative, authoritative content on a regular basis to your consumers. Our team also incorporates strong calls to action (CTA) into your blog posts to direct readers to different areas of your site, thereby improving your click-through rate and increasing your CRO.

Website Structure

Coalition Technologies conducts thorough market research to discover what consumers are looking for. We then optimize your site based on what your customers’ needs actually are. By prioritizing your site’s functionality, as well as its aesthetics, we also ensure responsive web design, regardless of whether your customers are shopping on their phone, tablet, or computer.


Our outreach team connects with relevant content creators in your industry and produces high-quality copy to publish on third-party websites. With natural linking, which is when sites link to you with no specific action, we can ensure a diverse link profile and start generating content that ultimately leads back to your domain.

What Makes Us Unique?

Proven Techniques

OuterBox tracks the latest SEO trends so that you don't have to. We combine this knowledge with the experience gained from working with our other clients, allowing us to implement proven strategies on your website. OuterBox makes informed decisions while our competitors make educated guesses. Which sounds better to you?

Transparent Detailed Monthly Reports

OuterBox clients love the ability to view interactive monthly reports that highlight statistics, tasks completed, content creation, and upcoming tasks planned. You'll even know which OuterBox team member completed the job. When it comes to your SEO campaign, never be left in the dark again.

Technical Capabilities

We're a technically-focused SEO team, meaning we have front-end developers, back-end developers, and team members that know code inside and out, available to make any needed changes to your website. From landing page development to technical modifications, we've got you covered.

Our On-Pages Services

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