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Shopify is a modern and innovative online platform for e-commerce stores that helps you manage your online marketing business with ease and effectiveness. Shopify comes with a lot of features that include both paid and free ones. Under a reasonable fee, you are able to use advanced eCommerce services. The best part about Shopify is that it is completely secure and easy to use as well. You won’t need a developer’s skill or experience in order to manage your store online.

So, managing your online business won’t be difficult for you anymore. Shopify will allow you to manage your store info, products, transactions, and orders with complete reliability and security. Shopify is user-friendly and has a creative user interface that makes your job much easier for you. Even with heavy content, it offers excellent loading speed and impressive visual themes.

You can either select from free themes or you can use the more advanced paid ones. The powerful editing tools provided by Shopify allow you to alter the design into your brand’s image. Shopify turns your business into a visually appealing online store that helps customers find their products and you to manage their orders with ease and comfort. The platform is trustworthy and provides complete security on your transactions.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about some petty hacker breaking into your website and altering your transactions. The strong structure of the website also prevents crashes. Last but not least, the customer support provided by Shopify is exceptional. None of the queries of customers will go unanswered.

Why is SEO

Essential for Shopify

The purpose of moving your business online is digital expansion, and the sole purpose of the expansion is more profit. For eCommerce, that’s where Shopify SEO services come in.  Shopify is easy to use and you can develop your online marketing website on this platform, but competing with other online markets isn’t child’s play.

In this modern digital era, a lot of factors come into account when it comes to the success of an online business. Brand value and product value alone can’t help you increase your profits in the eCommerce world. You will need professionals who will promote your product, build backlinks for you, and helps you compete for a higher rank than other eCommerce businesses. Fortunately for you, XIHAWKS provides the best SEO services for Shopify that help you achieve a higher rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

While Shopify helps you manage your business, we help by bringing customers to your website. Our services will ensure higher web traffic for you that will bring more potential customers to your Shopify website. XIHAWKS has a staff of skilled and experienced SEO professionals who know the algorithms of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc from experience. This increases the chances of your website ranking higher in SERPs.

This relevance is increased by proper procedure. As you might know, just building a lot of links is not enough, those links must conform to SEO guidelines and quality. Links posted on poor quality websites or spam blogs can reduce your ranking instead of increasing it.

It is our job to make sure that the backlinking is completely trustworthy so that your Shopify store goes up in ranking and becomes visible to people. It is obvious that once you rank higher, more people will be visiting your website.


What's Best for Shopify

PPC stands for pay-per-click that is a temporary and short-term solution for increasing the visibility of your website. Now, you might think it’s a good option as it increases your web traffic considerably in a short time. Now consider this, you have high web traffic and customers, and one day when you stop using PPC services because of their increasing expensiveness, all of your web traffic will be gone.

How? Right at the moment, you stop using PPC services, the ads that increased your website’s visibility and ranked them higher will be gone. Hence, you will no longer have the basis to support your ranking. SEO is better as it is a long-term solution. SEO produces quality backlinks for you that increase your website’s ranking steadily. Moreover, it is also much more affordable than PPC services.

Shopify SEO services will build a base for your eCommerce business and that base will stay there. It won’t pull you back from business suddenly like PPC services. Moreover, SEO services are much more reliable and produce effective long-term results. Statistically speaking, more than 80% of ranked websites are based on organic methods that include SEO. That’s because search engines are evolving every day and the relevant results include those who are supported by quality and trustworthy backlinks, that are provided by SEO service providers. 

Technical SEO: These are technical modifications in your webpage like title, headings, design, structure, etc. These optimizations are done on basis of search engine algorithms to enhance the crawling and indexing of your web page that helps search engines rank it higher.

Content: Content is one of the basic pillars that support the ranking of your website. Content on your webpage and supporting blogs tells people about your history and the quality of your product. Keyword embedded text also contributes to your ranking in SERPs. 

Backlinks: Having a lot of backlinks might not always be good. The advanced algorithms used by search engines like Google also take into account the quality of the backlink that supports your webpage and the security of the website or blog that provides it. 

XIHAWKS is one of the recognized SEO services agencies that have clients from the most successful eCommerce businesses around the globe. We provide quality and affordable services that increase your website’s ranking in SERPs and save your budget on PPC services.

Shopify SEO Services We Offer

Our niche Shopify services include a variety of services that cover every aspect of Shopify and SEO optimizations. Our specialists provide Shopify code optimization and keyword research optimizations that contribute to increasing your website’s rank.

Loading speed is an important factor when it comes to your eCommerce websites. We can also optimize your Shopify webpage to increase its speed. It will drive more web traffic your way.

Internal and External link building is also available in the package. Link building is the backbone of SEO optimizations and contributes most to the rank building. 

Schema Markup Services

Shopify Code Optimization

Keyword Research & Mapping​

eCommerce Keyword Research


Shopify Speed Optimization

best web content writing services

Ongoing Content Strategy

Internal & External Link Building

Conversion Optimization

Product Page Optimization

Robust Monthly SEO Reports

Why Choose Us?

In-Depth Reports

SEO experts at XIHAWKS are both experienced and skilled. They work in innovative and effective ways to promote your Shopify eCommerce website. All of the progress they make is shared with you in regular reports.
Our workings are transparent to our clients. You need to know if what you paid for is working and this report helps you see that. Furthermore, complete transparency also develops between us.

Information on Shopify SEO Campaign

We never keep you in the dark. As our specialists process their methods, we keep you in the loop to look at how Shopify SEO services are helping your eCommerce business rank higher.
You will be able to see our SEO campaign and judge yourself whether or not our methods are effective. Moreover, you also become aware of SEO workings. The increase in web traffic and conversion to sales will sound much more logical to you than before.

Result Sharing

Methods can’t be effective if they don’t produce your desired results for you. We not only keep you in the loop but also share our reports on results that how we have helped in increasing your web traffic and sales.
We believe that sharing the results will get our SEO experts the feedback they need for motivation. Hence, they will be able to improve more and develop even higher success rates.

Share Your Project With Us

We provide the best Shopify services for your eCommerce website. Our SEO specialists have already worked with some of the most explosive eCommerce websites and their experience can help you achieve a higher rank in search engine result pages.

Reach out to us today to get a free quote on our services. You can call us at +1 (212) 678 2100. You can also email us at [email protected]. You can contact us if you have any queries and we will resolve them for you. Your satisfaction is our Aim.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SEO good for Shopify?

Just like SEO is good for other eCommerce businesses, it also enhances the Shopify websites. Online marketing solely relies on promotion and advertisement. SEO increases their visibility that drives more web traffic to the website.

2. What are Shopify SEO services?

Shopify SEO services provides optimizations to increase the ranking of your Shopify website. SEO experts promote your website to increase its ranking in SERPs. They produce quality backlinks that support your website’s ranking.

3. Is SEO better than PPC?

Although it is based on your choice and requirements, we would say that SEO is better. PPC is much more expensive and provides you with short-term results, while SEO builds a strong base for long-term results.

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