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We Develop SEO and Mobile-Friendly Websites with Improved User Interface and Experience at Reasonable Rates.


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You’d agree with the fact that “Websites with a responsive layout, improve User Interface, and User Experience drives more traffic.”

So, the question here arises that, “Is it possible to build a website from scratch with an intuitive design and an enhanced user experience?”

First of all, YEAH! It’s possible to develop a smooth and beautiful website from scratch via web development.

Second of all, you need not worry if you don’t know how to create a properly developed website for better user engagement.

We at XIHAWKS build professional custom websites from scratch and help our clients improve their online presence.

For starters, we have got a team of professional web developers who have command of different web developing languages.

Through their expertise and your requirements, XIHAWKS will make sure that your website is responsive and properly optimized.

With that, we’d like to introduce our best web development services.

Our Process

The process of building and maintaining an optimized and responsive custom website involves a series of steps. We at XIHAWKS are known for maintaining a trustworthy relationship with our clients. So, the first process involves taking all relevant details from clients.

We ask questions like what type of website you need, what kind of layout you’d want, or how you expect the website to perform. We also show prebuilt web development samples to take a complete idea of your requirements. With that, we form a rough roadmap of developing your website and start working on it as soon as possible.

Throughout the web development, we stay in touch if you want to change your mind about the design or layout of the website. The complete process, on the other hand, involves:

Planning & Research

It all starts with a crazy idea. We consider all the clients’ requirements and start planning the website’s structure from scratch. Our team will make sure that your website’s building foundation reflects the primary idea behind your business.

UI/UX Design

We offer straightforward User Interface to the users.

For that purpose, we brainstorm different layout ideas that would grab potential users’ and customers’ attention. After discussing each detail with you, we will start working on building a smooth UI and UX design to grab more user engagement.


Halfway through, the web development starts. This process is crucial and requires a lot of effort.

Our developers work day and night to work at the back-end and develop the website according to the details you’ve given us.

Testing & Launch

After developing the website, we pass it through a series of testing to make sure that it’s working flawlessly on every website.

After getting the green signal from our web developers, we launch the website and analyze it accordingly.


Don’t worry if the website has bugs or glitches.

Our 24/7 customer support will always be there to answer your queries or problems.

Types of Developments

For those who don’t know, web development is a vast field. There are three general types to distinguish web development. Before we discuss them, you must know that web design and web development are two different entities.

Web design consists of optimizing a website’s layout and visuals, whereas web development involves building a website from scratch using different programming languages. With that, the three main types of web developments are:

Fixed Website Design

Websites with a fixed design do not alter their layout or shape, no matter which device you use to open them.

The website’s width and overall dimensions in this type of web development remain the same regardless of the browser you use to open it.

Liquid/Fluid Website Design

In this type of development, websites change their layout to become more responsive and user-friendly.

While opening them on different devices, the website look will either increase or decrease as per the required dimensions.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is the latest type of web development. We usually focus on responsive web development to make a website easily accessible.

Websites built with responsive design are optimized to their core. They can fit the screen of different devices for an improved user interface and experience.

Our Web Development Services

We at XIHAWKS offer a plethora of web development services. We do it all, from solving the fundamental errors in a custom website to building a website from scratch.

Some of our services include:

Front-End Development

eCommerce Web Solutions

Shopify Store Development

WordPress Website Development

Why Choose Us?


We never ignore what our client demands and requires from us. Our web development services are highly customer-centric to keep our clients satisfied enough.

Quality Service

Quality is never compromised. We utilize all modern techniques and programming languages to ensure quality service to deliver satisfactory results.

Agile Development Process

Our team is dedicated to working on your project, and our web development process includes using high-end techniques and tactics. Each developer is assigned his task, which he has to deliver in the said time.

On-time Delivery

Last but not least, on-time delivery with satisfactory results is what we guarantee. We know how to meet the deadlines, and we don’t encourage testing our clients' patience. Our results will be on-time no matter what the circumstances are.

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Benefits of Web Development

Websites built with high-end development offer the following benefits:

More Traffic

Low Bounce Rate

Improved SEO

More Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the consultation free?

Consultation is absolutely free. You can give us a call at +1 (212) 678 2100 to discuss the project details or get help from us.

What if I face a bug or glitch in the website?

We offer to remove bugs and glitches from the website for a specific time. You can contact us at that time to remove any bugs or glitches from your website.

Could I manage the website if I don’t have experience in web development?

Of course! Our dedicated team works day and night to make a user-friendly website with easy maintenance. Hence, you can easily maintain or change the website’s layout shortly.

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